TACA Members Gather for Environmental & Safety Seminar

The Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association (TACA) welcomed 112 attendees to its Environmental & Safety Seminar on Oct. 27-28 at the Marriott Riverwalk in San Antonio. Industry professionals delivered topical presentations on managing environmental and safety regulations and other issues facing TACA members. 

One conference session, “Responsible Sourcing: Pathway to Sustainable Manufacturing,” explored how the world will double its building stock by 2060, demanding responsible sourcing, carbon neutrality and a circular economy to fulfill societal needs.

“Today, to stay competitive with other building materials, the cement and concrete industries must continue to embrace the language of measuring and demonstrating carbon neutrality,” said Lionel Lemay, P.E., S.E., LEED AP, executive vice president/division head, Structures and Sustainability, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA).

Lemay outlined various local, state and federal “buy clean” initiatives – including General Services Administration (GSA) standards that became effective in March 2022 – that consider social and environmental considerations when choosing suppliers.

“The technology has caught up and we are able to collect more easily the environmental information that customers are now demanding,” he said. “Using these certifications, measurements and data enables you to better compete as you demonstrate that you are environmentally responsible for the materials you are providing.”

TACA President and CEO Josh Leftwich agreed. “Today, responsible sourcing, circularity and carbon analysis are tools the aggregate, concrete and cement industries are embracing – not only to adhere to regulations, but also to earn certifications that put them ahead of the competition when providing the building materials the state demands to satisfy its tremendous growth,” he stated.

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