Stockpile Reports Helps Customers Expand Financial, Operational Performance

Stockpile Reports enables companies to become the market leaders by solving their most difficult inventory, operations, and financial problems with its Every Pile, Any Time mindset. Turn your biggest headache into an asset you can leverage to create competitive advantage through material visibility across your enterprise supply chains.

  • A contract supplier uses Stockpile Reports for production tracking to reduce inventory errors. The customer started by measuring inventory daily for a month and found 40% of production was being categorized incorrectly, an annualized difference worth $3.6M
  • A distributor with rail-served terminals uses Stockpile Reports to early-identify inventory losses and isolate root causes on inbound volumes. The customer increased inventory measurement frequency from monthly to a daily at a high-volume site to assess internal processes. The variances ranged from 8 to 27%, with multiple sources of material shortages including moisture loss, bill of lading errors, and rail car leakage. The customer has modified internal controls with a goal of reducing inventory variances by $5M to within 5%.
  • A rock, sand and gravel producer uses Stockpile Reports to identify and reduce inventory variances. An improvement on original losses of 15% was stabilized to a rate of 3% on 3M tons measured monthly, a $30M annual recovery.
  • A metropolitan city recently used Stockpile Reports to complete an inventory (interior sheds and outdoor piles). The inventory had not been comprehensively measured in decades. In 3 days, Stockpile Reports successfully measured 350,000 tons across 31 piles in 19 complex urban locations with a street value of $35M. Variances from public records were as high as 40%. Pile challenges, including runoff and compaction, were identified to drive action and improve purchasing strategies.
  • A large governmental agency had been stockpiling bulk materials due to the fear of running out and was able to achieve a 25% reduction in on-hand inventory by verifying inventory, allowing $30M in taxpayer funds to be reallocated to other projects.

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