Radioactive Proppant Bags in North Dakota

North Dakota’s Department of Environmental Quality has acted against Sea Pacific International Trading Company for the cleanup of the company’s dangerous fracking proppant bags, according to a report from KXMA in Bismarck, N.D.

The bags of hydraulic fracking proppant have been sitting outside for more than three years.

The bags have started to deteriorate and as a result, the radioactive proppant material has spread across the area, which is near a local river.

The state was notified in 2019 of the abandonment and they determined that a cleanup plan could cost more than $20 million.

“What happens is, it causes your cost to exponentially increase by getting a radioactive level back. Because, North Dakota, 5 picocuries per gram, that’s the legal limit,” said Kelly Harrelson, an environmental clean-up expert.

The proppant at the location in Williston was bought from China.

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