Hexagon Introduces Geoslate App to Simplify Drillhole Logging

Hexagon’s Mining division announced that it has introduced HxGN MinePlan GeoSlate, a mobile, geological drillhole logging application that simplifies the field data collection process. Quick and easy to use, GeoSlate collects field drillhole data via a recommended field-ready mobile tablet. It integrates with MinePlan 3D, completing the geology workflow from exploration through resource estimation.

Built for optimal performance and designed for the field geologist’s workflow, GeoSlate saves time by eliminating the hassle of configuring logging templates from scratch. GeoSlate solves many of the challenges facing geologists who are tasked with geological, exploration, production, sampling, geotechnical, hydrogeological and other field data collection and data management needs. 

Data can be instantly published over Wi-Fi using Hexagon’s microservice architecture, syncing directly to connected MinePlan drillhole databases for subsequent geologic analysis and workflow execution. Instead of spending time exporting/importing, collating, and transmitting data, customers can use Hexagon technology to securely store and transfer data from the field to the centralized database at the click of a button.

“Access to data should take minutes, but often takes days, even months,” said Derek Badner, product manager, Hexagon’s Mining division. “As part of the integrated MinePlan portfolio, GeoSlate minimizes time to data. When connected to Wi-Fi, data can be published from the app and synced in seconds to any authenticated MinePlan Drillhole Manager solution around the globe. 

“Valuable time wasted performing data reformatting and quality assurance is minimized using the app’s automatic data validation in the field. We believe GeoSlate will quickly become essential for any mine’s data collection and management needs.”GeoSlate will be sold as part of MinePlan’s Exploration Geo package.

Hexagon, hexagonmining.com