Martin Marietta Materials: Deep Dive

Feb. 10, 2022 – Taking a deep dive into Martin Marietta Materials year-end report, the company remains confident that favorable pricing dynamics will continue. A locally-driven pricing strategy, and attractive underlying fundamentals, as well as long-term secular growth trends in its key geographies, should drive multi-year growth in construction materials. The company is predicting 2022 total revenues of between $5.78 and $5.98 billion. On the aggregates side, the company is predicting between 1% and 4% organic volume growth for the year. Organic volume percentage growth range is for organic aggregates shipments, inclusive of internal tons, and is in comparison with 2021 organic shipments of 192.9 million tons. Ward Nye, chairman and CEO of Martin Marietta, stated, “Building on attractive fourth-quarter momentum, we anticipate that both public and private construction activity will accelerate for the first time since our industry’s product shipment peak in 2005.”

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