RST Launches Concentrated Wetting Agent For Dust Suppression

Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) developed and launched RT60 Spray Plus, a new highly concentrated wetting agent producing outstanding dust suppressant performance.

The latest in RST’s innovative range of products, RT60 Spray Plus is added to water at ultra-low dosage rates, changing the characteristics of water allowing it to penetrate, saturate and spread much faster than plain water.

The RT60 Spray Plus solution is the most effective and economical wetting technology available, designed to be environmentally friendly and easily applied to produce results quickly, according to the company.

Created with operational optimization in mind, the RT60 Spray Plus solution improves the effectiveness of water when used for dust control by allowing larger water particles to capture smaller dust particles, reaching Dust Extinction Moisture (DEM) levels faster.

The product works to reduce the amount of water required in dust suppression and is particularly effective when added to ore during transfer, increasing water flow through ore and minerals.

Adding the RT60 Spray Plus to water also improves the capabilities of spray systems by reducing build-up of scale or calcium and other forms of grime that can clog up pipe work and nozzles.

The RT60 Spray Plus solution can be added into any water flow by injection via a small dosing pump, allowing for accurate dosing of the product at the recommended dosage rates.

It can also be applied via other general spray equipment with dosage rates varying between 0.005 percent and 0.05 percent.

David Handel, RST operations and technical director, said the RT60 is the latest innovation developed through the company’s ongoing research and development programs.

“RST’s point of difference is that we go out into the field and work side by side with our clients to really listen and identify the challenges that are particular to their specific work site,” he said.

“Our team of industry experts uses the insights gained from this process to work out which products the client needs from our broad range of solutions, providing a cost-effective and efficient plan to maximize operational optimization,” Handel said. “It was through this process of client consultation that we identified the need for a highly concentrated wetting agent producing outstanding dust suppressant performance, so our research and development team began work on a tailored solution to fill this demand. The RT60 Spray Plus solution is particularly useful to mining operations where fast water penetration is needed to saturate and spread faster than untreated water. RT60’s minimal dosage rates and water saving effect also increases operational optimization through cost reduction and increased production rates.”

RST said that it understands that every client’s operational challenges are environmental conditions are different and can tailor all its products to each client’s individual needs. RST’s international operations extend to regions including North and South America.

Reynolds Soil Technologies,

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