Superior Adds Anthem Inclined Screen to Vibratory Product Lineup

Superior Industries Inc. is releasing its first inclined screen, the company’s third vibratory product release in the past year. Known as the Anthem Inclined Screen, the unit is engineered with a single- or double-shaft drive depending on the specific application needs of the bulk processing customer.

According to Superior, several features will distinguish the Anthem Inclined Screen as a particularly unique solution. First, patent-pending bottle jack lifting points simplify and speed spring replacement and improve safety. Also, a unique segmented belt guard requires only one person to remove and return the guards during maintenance. Screens can be custom designed to fit a customer’s existing structure.

“In my opinion, one of the most unique features is our one style shaft design for all models of our inclined screen,” said John Garrison, vice president of sales at Superior. “Typically, inclined screen shafts are custom machined to the weight of a specific unit, which creates long lead times for replacement parts. To create an eccentric offset on the Anthem Screen, owners and operators simply bolt on weights.”

Superior designs and manufactures its new Anthem Inclined Screen in double, triple and quad deck configurations for 5×16, 6×16, 6×20, 7×20, 8×20 and 8×24 models.

Superior Industries,, 320-589-2406

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