Hexion Releases New Resin-Coated Proppants

The Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) of Hexion Inc. announced the release of its kRT resin-coated proppants that provide a cost-effective option for the oil and gas industry, while delivering superior performance compared to uncoated frac sand, according to the company.

Hexion’s kRT proppants are a low-cost resin-coated sand available in 20/40, 30/50, 40/70, and 100 mesh sizes. Their Stress Bond technology delivers many of the benefits that curable resin-coated proppants have over uncoated frac sand, according to the company.

This includes the reduction of proppant flowback, reduction of proppant fines generation, minimization of proppant embedment, enhanced well production, as well as the reduction of silica dust generation during the pneumatic transfer and conveying process, which helps improve health and safety on location.

The 100 mesh product, kRT 100 proppant, is a low-cost option for those that want to pump 100 mesh proppant and are concerned with proppant flowback or excessive silica dust. Large amounts of silica dust can be produced by uncoated 100 mesh sand when it is transported due to the small grain size. The resin coating of kRT 100 proppant provides many of the benefits associated with traditional resin coated sand, while supporting the intended use of 100 mesh proppant within the fracture network.

“This new line of resin-coated proppants provides many of the features of our existing products, but at a lower price,” said Jerry Kurinsky, OTG senior vice president and general manager. “We have responded to the current downturn by developing a more economical option for our customers that are still looking for many of the benefits provided by a curable resin-coated sand.”

Technological innovations and Hexion’s introduction of enhanced materials have expanded the use of resin-coated proppants into unconventional reservoirs that feature complex and challenging geological formations. Hexion’s experienced personnel, with their years of hydraulic fracturing knowledge and expertise, continue to bring advanced proppants to the industry, the company stated.


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