Laser Technology Inc. Offers Blasting, Profiling Solutions

PTP LaserTech 150

PTP LaserTech 300Whether you are measuring a stockpile volume or designing the perfect blast, using Laser Technology Inc.’s (LTI) reflectorless laser technology is by far the quickest and safest method available, according to the company.

Take the TruPulse 360R, in conjunction with the Archer 2 data collector and LTI’s MapSmart + Volume software and you’ll be able to accurately measure the volumes of any kind of material you own. With this software, a single operator can efficiently collect and record data point electronically while out of harm’s way, with volume calculation results in less than an hour. This simple-to-use field data collection software will have you gathering data like an expert in a matter of minutes.

Designing the perfect blast has never been simpler, more productive or safer than it is today with the combination of the TruPulse 200X and Face Profiler software. The company’s blast-design solution allows you to gather precise measurements and record critical depth vs. burden data from a single location, allowing measurements to be acquired on practically any type surface, dark or light, and at ranges the competition simply can’t reach, noted the company.

Measure quickly, securely and accurately, then review and adjust data and produce complete reports right on the field. Keep your benches beautiful with the TruPulse 200X and Face Profiler blast design solution.

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