Luck Says Contact Your Senators

RFTR CharliePodium 150

RFTR CharliePodium 400Sept. 16, 2015 –NSSGA Chairman Charles S. Luck IV, recently asked each and every U.S. Senator to support S. 1140, a bipartisan bill that would require the Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw and re-propose their controversial Waters of the U.S. rule. This new regulation that went into effect in late August drastically expands the EPA’s jurisdiction over areas that do not consistently have water flow such as ponds, intermittent streams, depressions, road side ditches, culverts, and isolated bodies. As a result, the aggregates industry will see a significant increase in the cost of permitting and red tape. Luck urged senators to take action and ensure that the EPA listens to the concerns of their co-regulator, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the regulated industries about the serious flaws in the rule. All aggregate producers are strongly urged to contact both of their Senators to ask them to support S. 1140. Senators can be reached through NSSGA’s Washington Action Hotline at 866-255-3207. Operators will assist in routing calls to the appropriate offices.

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