Haver & Tyler Ro-Tap RX-30-E for Dry Sieving


The 3D-Test Sieve Shaker Ro-Tap RX-30-E from Haver & Tyler has been designed for 3D laboratory sieve shaker with diameters of SieveShaker-400
up to 315 mm for dry sieving of 6 kg bulk material maximum. The amplitude for fine and coarse samples is fixed. This machine offers the advantages of electromagnetically driven test sieve shakers and an easy operation.

The product features:

  • Controlled sieving action.
  • The 3D sieving action saves time and manual re-sieving.
  • Fixed amplitudes for fine and coarse particles.
  • Self-readjusting amplitude for comparable sieving results.

Further advantages at a glance:

  • Low-noise and maintenance free.
  • Easy handling – only sieving time has to be set.
  • Test sieves can be changed easily by using the quick-release clamping system TwinNut.

Haver & Tyler, www.haverparticleanalysis.com

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