ContiTech Overcomes Limits in Vertical Conveying

ContiTech Overcomes Limits in Vertical Conveying

The Pocketlift from the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group offers advanced continuous conveying technology for the vertical transportation of bulk materials. With lifting heights of up to 2,300 ft. and capacities of up to 6,000 tph, the Pocketlift “sets new standards in continuous vertical conveying,” according to the company.

The compact structure of Pocketlift makes it an especially attractive proposition for the mining industry. While other transportation systems like skip hoists are made entirely from steel, the Pocketlift conveyor is much more lightweight. The system comprises two narrow steel-cord belts that are connected by rigid triangular cross bars. These cross bars also have a guiding function.

The material is transported in fabric-reinforced rubber pockets that are bolted to the middle of the crossbars. The pockets can be installed and removed individually. This structure makes Pocketlift much more compact than conventional conveyor systems and therefore ideal for handling materials in mining shafts of adjacent to highwalls.

Another advantage for system operators is that Pocketlift saves energy and, in turn, money. Compared with conventional conveying systems, Pocketlift requires lower driving power. Skip hoist systems need to accelerate the materials to high speeds which result in power peaks and therefore in higher investments for energy supply.

With the Pocketlift system, due to the continuous mass flow, less driving energy is necessary. The cost-per-metric-ton of bulk material conveyed is well below the average. Thanks to low noise emissions, the conveyor system has a much smaller impact on the environment than other products.


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