Eye Trax Surveillance Camera for Remote Site Monitoring

LT Ranger-Solar

The wireless Eye Trax Ranger Series Construction Camera is a cellular-based surveillance camera for remote security monitoring of a quarry or a construction jobsite. This camera boasts a lightweight design that makes it easy to install in various locations, such as at the scalehouse, maintenance garage, the quarry office or in the vicinity of the primary crusher.

Indefinitely powered by a solar panel, the Ranger Series camera has motion-sensing and night-vision capabilities, and it is controlled by a web-based user interface or mobile phone application. All these features, as well as all the traditional features of a time-lapse video camera, are incorporated into the design of the Eye Trax Ranger Series Camera.

“Eye Trax has designed the best jobsite surveillance camera for today’s construction industry by considering all the factors involved from high definition time-lapse video, security camera measures, web-based software, mobile-based applications, infrastructure requirements and installation,” said Eye Trax President Jerry McSorley. “Eye Trax Rangers Series Cameras use the available cellular network in order to transmit pictures, eliminating the need for the infrastructure of a computer, phone line, internet connection, router and power which is required for the traditional wireless cameras. Features like solar power generation and cellular transmission make these cameras truly an “off-grid” and reliable solution for the construction industry.”

The Eye Trax Ranger Series Camera is a motion-activated camera system that utilizes an integrated passive infrared sensor that measure changes in “thermal activity” in the camera viewing area. A passive infrared sensor (PIR) creates an invisible thermal grid in front of the construction camera viewing area. A human, vehicle or a large animal emits their own heat source that the PIR sensor can see and immediately triggers the motion activated construction camera to start taking pictures.

Events captured by the Ranger Series Camera are time and location stamped, and then they are immediately sent over the secure cellular network to the Eye Trax cloud-based servers which sends out notifications of the event a via SMS to a contractor’s mobile phone, as well as emailed to designated addresses. SMS pictures or email from the Eye Trax Camera can be received 24/7 or set to specific time parameters, such as after operation hours.

The web-based software used to control the Ranger Series Cameras is the central location for contractors to manage their remote jobsite monitoring system, including viewing multiple cameras from a single screen. With a simple click on any camera preview, users access the User Interface to view all pictures by date and time, request a live image, create and archive time-lapse videos, overlay two pictures for detailed comparison, and place text and draw on pictures.

The Eye Trax construction camera is powered by a very small, lightweight solar panel (14 x 14 in.) – it only requires 12V in order to operate. An internal battery, located inside the aluminum housing of the system, will allow the camera to operate for a full five days in the event of inclement weather.

The system will send out battery level warning emails to operators when the voltage levels are low and the solar panel needs adjustment. The camera is optimized to provide a 90-degree field of view and is designed with two lenses: One for daytime color pictures and the other for black and white nighttime pictures.

The camera lenses are surrounded by 55 infrared lamps that will illuminate an area up to 75 ft. away from the camera face. The unit can operate in a temperature range of -10 F to 140 F.

The mounting bracket for the Eye Trax unit is fully orbital and can be attached to any surface, including the company’s Barrel-Mounting System. The operator can choose from using zip ties to stainless steel screws to mount the unit.

Eye Trax, www.eyetrax.com

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