Terra Novo Offers Reclamation Solution

By Mark S. Kuhar

Bakersfield, Calif.-based Terra Novo, a manufacturer of erosion- and sediment-control products, offers EarthGuard Fusion – a solution among a new classification of products known as hydraulic growth medium and mulch (HGM2).

Fusion combines the capabilities of Terra Novo’s erosion-control product, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix into a single package with the company’s high-quality topsoil replacement, EarthGuard Organix, and the soil remedies of its fertilizer and growth stimulant products, EarthGuard Elixir. The unique combination of erosion-control with agricultural sciences make Fusion an ideal product for any re-vegetation application.

EarthGuard Fusion offers a long-term, sustainable solution for sites experiencing difficulty with vegetation growth due to erosion, poor soil, weak plant growth or lack of organic matter. Fusion is effective for increasing vegetation on oil and gas sites as well as following landfill closures; and also supports post-fire reclamation, soil reclamation and general re-vegetation.
“Terra Novo sets itself apart from competitors by speaking directly with the customer to understand their specific needs first-hand and then developing products that meet those needs; rather than simply creating a product and pushing it on the consumer,” said Scott Harrison, president of Terra Novo. “Fusion is the perfect example of this practice – offering the solution our customers have demanded by providing a highly effective erosion control product, topsoil replacement and soil remedy, all in a single package.”

Customers who purchase EarthGuard Fusion will see the combined benefits of three of Terra Novo’s top products:
■ EarthGuard Fiber Matrix is a
pre-packaged, one-step application that combines EarthGuard and wood/cellulose fiber. EarthGuard Fiber Matrix is chemically engineered to absorb the impact of raindrops also providing immediate dust control, erosion control and soil stabilization until permanent vegetation is established or construction has resumed.
■ The second component of
EarthGuard Fusion is Terra Novo’s hydraulically-applied topsoil replacement, EarthGuard Organix. It eliminates the high costs of hauling topsoil to a site and offers contractors the opportunity to work on larger jobs that typically require more equipment.
■ The addition of EarthGuard Elixir,
Terra Novo’s line of fertilizers and growth stimulants, maximizes overall results. Elixir provides a combination of organically derived fertilizers, trace elements, growth stimulators and microorganisms that are essential for sustainable vegetation and combine to resolve soil deficiencies. An all-organic product line, Elixir stimulates biological activity and biodiversity, providing necessary nutrients to maximize plant-growth.

Terra Novo, www.terranovo.com  

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