Transmitter Option on Lube Meters Serve Crushers

Universal Flow Monitors offers the addition of a 4-20mA transmitter option to its lubrication flowmeter line for use in rock-crushing operations. These variable area meters now have compact, noncontact magnetically coupled transmitters as an alternative to the usual alarm switches or they can be specified in addition to the switches for signal redundancy.

The SN, MN and LL meters monitor lubrication flow to keep gears and bearings for flows ranging from .25 (1/4) gpm to 160 gpm. The lube oil flowmeters protect machinery and minimize downtime in event of flow failure. They provide local flow indication to assist in problem diagnosis and rapid response if flow goes too low. The transmitter can input to the control system to trigger equipment shutdown for protection against machinery damage.

Universal Flow Monitors Inc, [email protected]


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