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New Housing for CT-S Timers and CM Three-Phase Monitors

The ABB Low Voltage Products division has designed a totally new housing for its CT-S range of time relays and CM range of measuring and monitoring relays. The new housing features two new innovative connection options, Double-Chamber Cage Connection terminals and Push-in terminals. The introduction gives customers a broader set of options for wire termination in ABB’s most popular line of timing and monitoring relays.

The Double-Cage Connection terminals utilize screw technology and can be connected with two wires of differing diameters up to 14 AWG, solid or stranded, with or without wire-end ferrules. The Push-in terminals feature spring clamp, Easy Connect technology, which allows the timers and monitors to be wired quickly and easily without any tools.

With the Easy Connect option, solid or stranded wires with ferrules can be connected without a tool, and stranded wires without ferrules can be connected by simply opening the cage with a screwdriver. The Push-in terminals are suitable for solid or stranded wires up to 20–16 AWG. The previously available ABB timer and monitor housing came only with a single cage clamp that required a tool for wire connection.

Both connection options have exactly the same design, connection direction, size and internal workings as each other and the previous housing, providing the flexibility for them to be interchanged at any time or positioned alongside each other in a switchboard.

The new industrial housings complement other ABB din rail products and all of the models meet UL standards for voltages up to 690 V. The Push-in option is completely secure, and in order to release the wires the cages must be opened with a tool. The connection is ideal for placement in high vibration applications like conveyors, material handling equipment and printing presses; and in explosive, gas-tight connection required environments such as mining, chemical refining, oil and gas, and grain elevators.

“The new housing is a great enhancement to our CT-S and CM range products, with the Easy Connect Technology offering our customers a quick and easy way to securely wire ABB timers and monitors into their panels,” said Carolyn Johnson, product group manager, Connection and EPR products for ABB. “The push-in terminals save time and ensure that the wires stay securely connected with excellent vibration resistance and gas-tight connections, even in the harshest environments. The new housing also includes more durable rotary switches that have easier to read direct time scales that require no calculations and offer easy snap-on and tool-free removal from the din rail.”

The CT-S range is ABB’s most sophisticated and universal time relay range, designed for use in industrial applications such as lighting controls, conveyer systems and molding machinery. The range includes 24 single-function devices and 16 multifunction timers with up to 11 functions, providing the ultimate in operational flexibility. The devices feature 7 or 10 time ranges that are adjustable from 0.005 seconds to 300 hours.

The CM range of monitors includes a variety of cost-efficient relays for specialized functionality, as well as multifunctional devices for rated voltage levels up to 820 Vac and 400 Hz. There are ABB CM range products designed to monitor a wide variety of industrial functions including single phase current and voltage monitoring, three phase power system monitoring, unearthed system insulation monitoring, motor load and temperature monitoring and liquid level monitoring.


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