The Biden Proposal

April 2, 2021 – President Joe Biden’s eight-year infrastructure plan is nothing if not ambitious. The proposal – part of The American Jobs Plan – would spend $621 billion on roads, bridges, public transit, rail, ports, waterways, airports and electric vehicles in the service of improving air quality, reducing congestion and limiting greenhouse gas emissions. I like roads and bridges part of it, even if it is still not enough money. What I don’t like is that it is bundled in with a lot of other distracting things, many of which do not have the broad support an infrastructure bill can claim. It is still a long journey to passage, as Congress gets out its magnifying glass to inspect every little positive and negative aspect of the plan. I would like to see Congress carve out a true infrastructure bill and pass it by itself, on its own merits. And let’s get going as soon as possible on this idea of building back better.

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