Battery Operated Barriers Offers Solar Security Gates

Battery Operated Barriers offers safety gates – also called Battery Operated Barriers – that can be easily deployed anywhere, instantly, for short and long term use for security, traffic control, site and road closure, parking and numerous day to day operations to protect your most valuable asset, your employees.

The gates work 24/7 in any environment and are currently being used by gravel pits, mines, oil and gas, and road construction in the harshest environments.

With the optional solar panel, Battery Operated Barriers operate independently, and provide hundreds of uninterrupted openings, day and night.

  • The Heavy Utility Gate (HUG) is designed for short- or long-term installation, and can be anchored to the ground with pins or it’s security ring.
  • The Towable Utility Gate (TUG) is designed for short- or long-term use and can be towed by any vehicle on the highway.
  • The Towable Utility Gate Jr. (TUG Jr.) is built with flat-free tires and works in areas where highway travel isn’t required.

There are numerous options to activate the gates, including wired pendants, long-distance radio control, keypad, cell phones and card readers, as well as exit wands for automatic opening from any site.

Proudly fabricated by hand in the United States out of heavy gauge welded steel, the gates use ultra-heavy duty components like a 1-1/4-in. solid arm axle and 850-lb. actuator for longevity and reliability, and can be outfitted with wheels and extra battery capacity to work in low light conditions.

Battery Operated Barriers,

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