Buzzi Unicem Sells 2,629 Acres to the State of Illinois

Lone Star Industries Inc., dba Buzzi Unicem USA, announced the sale of 2,629 acres to the State of Illinois in an effort to promote mined land reclamation and expand the state’s most heavily visited state parks.

“The decision to sell this land to preserve open space represents Buzzi Unicem USA’s effort to be a good corporate citizen and an environmentally responsible neighbor,” said Daniel B. Nugent, senior vice president, technical services and government affairs of Buzzi Unicem USA. “Sustainable development is a core value of our business model. We strive to do business in a way that can meet the needs of present generations without jeopardizing the ability to satisfy the needs of future generations.”

Following the cessation of mining activities on the property, Buzzi Unicem USA successfully completed the regulatory reclamation process necessary to restore the land to a natural and productive space. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) will incorporate the former Buzzi Unicem USA property into the adjacent areas of Starved Rock and Matthieson state parks, with intentions to restore wildlife habitats and provide valuable outdoor recreational activities to the public. 

Buzzi said it was pleased to partner with the State of Illinois to give back to the very community that helped the company operate a successful mining and cement manufacturing location for decades.

“We are excited to see what IDNR and the people of Illinois have in store for this land,” said Nugent. “We hope the expansion of the state parks through this acquisition inspires other companies to look for opportunities to do the same.” 

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