Here Comes Florence

RR091218 hurricane

Sept. 12, 2018 – Here comes Hurricane Florence, barreling its way toward the Carolinas. I asked Jasper (Jay) G. Stem Jr. P.E., executive director of the North Carolina Aggregates Association what was happening on his home turf. “I was visiting one of my members in the western part of the state yesterday,” he said. “They were focused on shipping ABC so the contractors could get the subgrade covered and protect it from the rain. I believe most every quarry is experiencing the same thing.” It looks like North Carolina will be spared the worst part of the storm. The always-changing forecast said that it will largely move across South Carolina. “With that said, our quarries and pits in the Wilmington area are going to take the worst part of the storm and will definitely be flooded,” Stem said. “With the predicted heavy rains and damages to the roads, most of our members will be focused on supplying NCDOT with material after the storm departs.” Here’s hoping for the best for all aggregates producers in the path of the storm.

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