McLanahan Offers MAX Series Vibrating Screens

McLanahan’s MAX Series Vibrating Screens are designed to meet and exceed the demanding applications and specifications required of screening equipment. MAX Series Vibrating Screens provide a custom engineered solution for all heavy-duty applications, including minerals, aggregates and more.

Capable of separating coarse feed material from finer materials, these vibrating screens are a low headroom design. Each screen is built with maximum strength steel to withstand heavy loading and with the durability to give you longer wear life.

MAX Series Vibrating Screens are available in a range of sizes from 6- x 16-ft. (1.8- x 4.8-m) to 8- x 24-ft. (2.4- x 7.3-m). They are designed to fit into any existing structure and operation with no rework. Backed by McLanahan’s years of industry experience, the company works with each customer to make sure that their MAX Series Vibrating Screen meets the specific requirements of their application.

Safety in Mind

MAX Series Vibrating Screens were designed with operator safety in mind. Sideplates feature cross beam inspection ports that allow you to inspect inside tubes for failures when the tube is not visible due to abrasion resistant lining and eliminating the need for operators to crawl between decks for inspections.

Foreign material that can corrode or abrade the inside of the cross members causing premature failure can be flushed out via cross beam inspection ports. The eccentric mechanism features jacking bolts in the mechanism tube to support the eccentric shaft during bearing change outs, eliminating the need for a crane to suspend the shaft or the chance of the shaft tipping over and injuring workers, creating a safer work environment and decreasing downtime.

Many of the features of the MAX Series Vibrating Screen improve maintainability for increased uptime. Independent cross members allow you to replace only worn tubes and not the complete deck frame.

The direct drive system eliminates the requirement for a pivoting motor base to keep belt tension on start-up, which can be troublesome to maintain and eventually fail over time. Speed can be adjusted by simply replacing the motor sheaves and can be varied from 700 to 900 rpm without a change to the driven sheave.

Wear Life

The MAX Series Vibrating Screen is designed to be durable for the longest useful wear life and with maximum strength steel to withstand heavy loading. Sideplates are a fully bolted construction that reduces/eliminates crack propagation due to stress riser in the steel caused by welding and provide the ability to quickly replace worn components without cutting.

The eccentric mechanism is a custom one-piece machined eccentric shaft for maximum strength and force output. It features a labyrinth seal to deter oil contamination and eliminate the need for a standard breather, which is prone to plugging and failure. The quick-change spring kit allows the removal of the spring pack with only minimal vertical clearance and no overhead crane is required. This saves the customer money, as well as reduces downtime and increases worker safety while changing out the springs.

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