Dyno Nobel’s DigiShot Plus Offers Quick Deployment


DigiShot Plus is Dyno Nobel’s most recent addition to its electronic initiation system product portfolio. In addition to accurate timing benefits, quick deployment with robust downline wire and all-weather surface connectors, DigiShot Plus is truly flexible, blaster friendly and fully programmable.

As an extra benefit to the user, any delay can be assigned to any detonator and the detonators can be connected to the busline in any convenient order – not just in the firing order.

The DigiShot Plus electronic initiation system also provides these additional features:

  • Remote firing capability.
  • The ability to initiate larger blasts (up to 1800 detonators).
  • BenchMark PC based blast design software enables timing patterns to be downloaded directly from the PC into the DigiShot Plus Bench Box.

With safety always Dyno Nobel’s top priority, the DigiShot Plus Tagger (used on the bench for testing and assigning row and hole number to individual detonators) is inherently safe in normal operating conditions and does not produce sufficient voltage to fire the detonator. In addition, the DigiShot Plus detonators are fully testable with two-way communication (either on the bench or from the firing location) that facilitates easy fault identification and repair. Individual detonators, rows of detonators or the entire pattern can be tested prior to connection to the blasting machine.

The following are benefits of the DigiShot Plus:

  • Electronic accuracy enables customers to achieve a variety of benefits ranging from better fragmentation to improved crusher throughput to happier neighbors resulting from decreased Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) and/or improved frequencies.
  • With enhanced DigiShot Plus system flexibility, the DigiShot Plus blast can be initiated two ways and always from a safe location: using the remote firing (RF) wireless feature or the more typical hard-wired initiation.
  • Easy-to-use, menu-driven software.
  • With Dyno Nobel’s BenchMark PC-based blast design software, blast designs and timing can easily be transferred from the PC to the DigiShot Plus Bench Box.
  • The DigiShot Plus BenchBox facilitates the blast design which can be pre-loaded into the Bench Box while separated from the detonators or after connection from a safe location.
  • Minimal on-bench components – just the electronic DigiShot Plus detonator (in the borehole) and a two-wire busline on the pattern.
  • The DigiShot Plus Tagger assigns a detonator position (row and hole number) to each detonator when it is loaded and tested in the borehole. The fully programmable DigiShot Plus system allows each detonator’s delay to be determined individually but also offers an automated delay assignment process.

DigiShot Plus must be transported, stored, handled and used in conformity with all federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations.

Dyno Nobel, www.dynonobel.com

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