Finding a Network- Connection Solution

Boundless Telecom Finds a Way to Supply Alleyton Resource Co. With 4G/LTE Service for Remote Site Network Availability.

Alleyton Resource Co., a subsidiary of Summit Materials, is an integrated aggregates and ready-mix concrete company based in Houston. Alleyton operates five sand and gravel sites and has seven ready-mix concrete plants in the west Houston metropolitan area.

They had a remote site to which they were having trouble getting an adequate wired connection, so they were exploring using 4G as a primary internet connection. Given that this site only had a few people who would be using the network, it was a good fit. The greatest challenge was a limited cellular signal at the site, bringing reliability into question.

Boundless Telecom had a solution for this site that could be rapidly deployed. The company also had experience working in remote areas and making the best out of what 4G/LTE signal is available at remote sites, at a fraction of the costs compared to other options.

By utilizing a rapid-deployment process, where a configured Cradlepoint router was supplied to the site along with boosters and antennas, the company was able to get this site up and operating in only a few days.

In addition, Alleyton was able to utilize the Boundless Telecom promotional Try/Buy offering that allows clients to test drive its 4G solution before purchasing. According to the company, “It’s Boundless Telecom’s way of putting our money where our mouth is, because after hundreds of successful deployments, we know that this solution works as advertised.”

According to Sundeepan Sen of Alleyton, Boundless Telecom worked well for them. “Very professional and always available at a moment’s notice to help us with any issues that arise,” he said. “Their team is exceptional and knowledgeable in their field, and always provides exceptional customer service.”

Calling Again

Alleyton called on Boundless Telecom again to fix the network downtime issues for one of its remote sites that was having frequent connectivity issues.

Boundless Telecom deployed 4G as a wireless back-up to its primary connection that promotes failover and failback in the event of an outage. After seeing the improvements and reliability in the network for the first site, Alleyton chose to use Boundless Telecom’s Cloud Assurance solution for all of its available remote sites.

Cloud Assurance provides a primary and back-up network connection, which, in this case, was internet. “We utilize two pieces of equipment to terminate the two services, and layer our 24/7/365 NOC monitoring on top to manage it all in the case of an outage, which we monitor to isolate the issue and fix,” the company said.

Also important to note, was the improvement in responsiveness and ease of doing business. “We were able to provide a simple pricing plan with timely responses and a straight-forward agreement in a few days, which Alleyton appreciated after doing years of business with other major providers that have slow responses and even slower processes,” Boundless Telecom said.

The migration phase of the primary network went very smoothly, with all sites migrated with network back-ups installed at all sites in less than three months.

Network downtime at the initial remote site, then several additional remote sites, was largely removed thanks to a 4G network that uses Cradlepoint equipment and Cloud Assurance, and is covered by Boundless Telecom’s 24/7/365 NOC monitoring, ensuring that Alleyton Resources’ remote network sites remain up and running.

“Business owners, CTOs and IT managers are discovering that 4G/LTE, whether implemented as primary or backup service, provides the reliable solution they’ve been looking for, and its uptime benefits reduce the risks that threaten their businesses everyday,” according to Boundless Telecom.

Couple the mitigation of downtime risks with the relatively low cost of 4G/LTE service, and small- to medium-sized businesses as well as enterprises can enjoy secure, uninterrupted connectivity even when nature (or humans) wreak havoc on other networks.

Information for this article courtesy of Boundless Telecom.

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