Peckham Industries Creates Special Website for Quarry

Peckham Industries has launched a special website with information about its quarry in Pleasant Valley, N.Y., and the role it plays in supporting the local community and economy.

At this Dutchess County location, the company mines dolomite rock and produces aggregate for multiple uses: paving roads, rebuilding bridges, halting erosion, strengthening ready-mix concrete and general building construction.

In 2012, Peckham Industries acquired the original Dutchess Quarry (established in 1937) and transformed the operation, updating equipment and streamlining processes.

Through the new website, community members, customers, and public officials can learn more about the Peckham Industries approach to Pleasant Valley quarry operations, safety, conservation, and continuous improvement. Anyone wishing to tour the facility is welcome to sign up via the site.

Peckham Industries and the Peckham Family Foundation support Pleasant Valley community organizations and activities, including the Pleasant Valley Library, Pleasant Valley Weekend, blood drives with the American Red Cross, and a food drive in collaboration with the Pleasant Valley Fire Department.

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