Athabasca Minerals Acquires TerraShift

Athabasca Minerals Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary AMI RockChain Inc. acquired TerraShift Engineering Ltd.

TerraShift is a privately-owned company based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with proprietary technology (TerraMaps) that focuses on resource data, search intelligence and geospatial software that will further strengthen the functionality and capabilities of AMI’s RockChain digital platform.

TerraShift also brings technical services with highly efficient methods and streamlined approaches for resource exploration and development, environmental and regulatory planning, resource management, compliance reporting, and reclamation that benefits a growing customer base across Western Canada and Ontario.

Dana Archibald, chief operating officer and president of AMI RockChain, said, “We are very excited about TerraShift’s talented team, the strategic role of their innovative technology enhancing the RockChain platform, and about adding an important dimension of technical services to expand the value offering to our customers. The combination of TerraShift with AMI RockChain represents a dual growth program respectively and together, from inherent synergies, which contribute to further market penetration across Western Canada and into Ontario.”

Robert Beekhuizen, chief executive officer of Athabasca Minerals, said, “AMI is an innovative company that strives to leverage technology in serving our clientele in the industrial minerals and construction markets more effectively. There’s a natural fit for TerraShift with AMI that is mutually advantageous. In addition to strengthening the functionality of AMI RockChain, TerraShift will also enable our other divisions, namely AMI Silica and AMI Aggregates. The engineering expertise that TerraShift has in navigating environmental and regulatory approvals, sustainability, and compliance reporting is extremely valuable for developing resource projects in the industry as well as in the corporation’s portfolio. Also, TerraShift’s resource data intelligence empowers AMI’s roll-up strategy in acquiring strategic assets in the future to further broaden AMI’s market penetration and business outreach.”

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