McCloskey New All-Terrain Stackers Boast Stability and Mobility

McCloskey has added All-Terrain Stackers to its line-up. Blending the benefits of onsite track mobility with the high productivity of a radial conveyor, the All-Terrain Stackers allow the conveyor to switch from track mode to radial in seconds.

“Helping customers achieve greater production levels is what drives us to design and manufacture innovative products,” said Paschal McCloskey, president and CEO of McCloskey International. “This patent pending design evolved from watching and listening to the customers’ challenges when stockpiling material in a variety of conditions and locations. We will continue look at developing new products to meet these unique challenges around the globe.”

Designed for use in any terrain, the stackers, ranging from 60- to 150-ft., are easily moved site to site without the need to remove the wheels for transport. Built-in leveling indicators allow operators to position the stacker regardless of the ground evenness, with independent hydraulic jack legs to stabilize once in place.

Historically, tracked radial stackers offered on the market have been focused on a track bogie under the hopper. While this allows mobility, it also creates an obstacle for the stacker during operation with buildup and spillage of material blocking the tracks. The configuration raises the height of the stacker such that additional transfer conveyors are often required.

The McCloskey design eliminates the need for any additional equipment, delivering a clean radius without material buildup.

The stackers feature a rear counterweight that counter balances the tracks and wheels, which are behind the stacker’s center of gravity. The design enables a much higher stockpile capacity, with the radial wheels set well back. The rear counterweight also firmly anchors the tail end during radial mode, delivering greater stability to the stacker while in operation.

The McCloskey All-Terrain Stackers standard features include:

  • Tires that have aggressive-tread patterns for more traction in tough terrain.
  • Hydraulic raise/lower arm allows the conveyor to switch from track to radial mode in seconds.
  • Level gauge to allow for operation on uneven ground.
  • Internal wheel drive motors allow radial travel.
  • Patented counterweight design delivers enhanced stability and safety in operation.

McCloskey International,

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