Superior Industries Displays New Modular Wash Plant

Superior Industries Inc. displayed its new modular wash plant at Hillhead 2018. Known as the Spirit Sand Plant, the flexible plant merges the manufacturer’s Helix cyclone, dewatering screen, sump tank and slurry pump into a single plant capable of sand production, fines recovery and dewatering.

Spirit Sand Plant at Hillhead 2018According to Superior, its brand new Helix cyclone is uniquely designed with a geometrically efficient inlet, which proves to boost performance and lower wear to internal components. In addition, all wetted surfaces are lined with cast polyurethane for extended performance and life.

For fines recovery applications, the Helix cyclone is designed and built by Superior in 12- or 16-in. models. Meanwhile, sand production models are sized 16- to 30-in.

The manufacturer’s dewatering screen is capable of removing all but 8 percent moisture content, meaning the sand produced is immediately sellable. It achieves this due to a deeper bed deign and urethane sidewalls, which remove moisture from the material screens at the tops and sides. These high tonnage dewatering screens process material up to 360 mtph or 400 stph.

For sand production applications, Spirit sand plants are manufactured in five models with production up to 300 mtph or 330 stph from the screen. Seven ultra fines recovery models can be fed at rates from 20 to 161 mtph (22 to 177 stph). Each plant is designed to fit into standard shipping containers.

Superior Industries,

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