Badger Mining’s Kermit, Texas, Facility Gets Rolling

Badger Mining Corp. (BMC) sent out the first truckloads of sand from its new sand mining facility located eight miles north of Kermit, Texas. Less than nine months after breaking ground on its 1,280-acre property on Texas Highway 18, production and loadout shipments have commenced with the target to be at total capacity by early next year.

“It is truly a remarkable feat to go from a barren field to a state-of-the-art sand plant in less than a year,” said Mark Hess, advisory team member at BMC. “This would not have been possible without the hardworking associates on our team who have put in long days and nights from the planning phase until these first shipments and beyond. We must also commend our construction partners on this project. Their work – on this timeline – speaks for itself.”

Staffing of the facility continues with still-open positions being filled by visiting Wisconsin associates. Along with temporarily filling positions and helping train new Kermit associates, visiting Wisconsin associates are immersing new hires in Badger Mining’s strong team culture and corporate values. To help with recruitment, BMC has purchased and built housing units in Kermit, including apartments, existing homes and RV spots, to support new associates as they make the transition to the Kermit area.

“In this tight labor market, we are thrilled with the quality of the associates that have already joined the BMC Family in Kermit,” said Jenny Johnson, leader of associate development at Badger Mining. “Badger Mining is what it is today because of our associates. With our unique team culture, great benefits, and growth opportunities, we are confident we will have a complete west Texas-based crew in place in the near future, continuing to supply our customers with the best sand and service in the industry.”

As BMC continues to ramp up production in the coming weeks, the focus will remain on the quality products our customers have long expected and received from Badger Mining. The Kermit facility offers two sand products – 40/70 and 100 mesh – both of which are now available.

“BMC’s Kermit Sand Plant was conceived, designed, and executed with the singular goal of optimizing logistics, mine-to-wellsite, and we are excited to play a key role in our customers success for years to come,” said Adam Katz, EVP of sales and marketing. “Despite some significant challenges in construction, we anticipate reaching full capacity by early next year and welcome current and prospective customers to reach out to us with their inquiries.”

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