Witte Equipment Features Proprietary Vibrating Technology

Vibratory process equipment from fourth-generation manufacturer The Witte Co., features the company’s own eccentric weight vibrators to create consistent, linear motion in a mechanically simple design with reliable, 24/7 performance and minimal maintenance.

Coupling opposing sets of counter rotating weights with a gearset, the proprietary eccentric weight vibrators either add together or cancel the reactive centrifugal force based on the angular position of the weights. The result is a straight line, vibratory force that can be easily oriented, scaled up in size and/or combined to process a diverse range of foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, plastics and other products.

Included as standard equipment on the company’s line of vibrating fluid bed dryers, coolers, screeners and plastic pellet classifiers, the vibration technology establishes a gentle, first-in, first-out conveying action that effectively moves the product downstream in a controlled, uniform manner. Developed and manufactured at the company’s Washington, N.J., headquarters, the vibrators are installed and tested prior to delivery and are backed by a full warranty.

The Witte Company Inc., www.witte.com