BKT’s Earthmax SR 47 Off-Road Tire for Rigid Haul Trucks

PTP BKTEarthmax

BKT debuted the Earthmax SR 47 (in size 21.00 R 33) all-steel radial off-road tire specifically designed for rigid haul trucks operating in the toughest transport applications such as rock quarrying.

Thanks to its all-steel casing along with the extra strong steel belts, this tire features exceptional stability and excellent resistance to snags and punctures, the company said. The Earthmax SR 47 tread depth and the unique tread design ensure excellent wear resistance even on long hauls, thus reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Earthmax SR 47 is available in standard and cut-resistant compounds for extended durability.

To provide an overall picture of its extensive Earthmax series, BKT also offers the Earthmax SR 33, size 395/85 R 20, a radial tire for multipurpose trucks that ensures outstanding grip on off-road surfaces such as mud and sand.

Also of interest is Earthmax SR 30 in size 15.5 R 25, a dual-purpose radial tire for wheel loader, motor grader and even telehandler applications, providing excellent traction, stability and durability in a variety of harsh operating conditions.

BKT, www.bkt-tires.com/en/products/earthmax

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