Pioneer Sand Becomes Pioneer Landscape Centers

Pioneer Landscape Centers – formerly Pioneer Sand – operates 23 quarries, two production plants and 30 retail locations across Arizona and Colorado. The company now plans to open the ultimate retail outlet for contractors, DIY enthusiasts and landscapers in Littleton, Colo.

“Our six-acre Littleton Landscape Center is the first step in what is an exciting next chapter for professionals and do-it-yourselfers and to find direct-to-customer savings and the best product selection in the industry,” said CEO Sagi Cohen. “We will continue to be the first choice for contractors, but we’re really focusing on expanding our offerings for homeowners – we want them to feel comfortable coming in on a weekend with their family, to find inspiration, and to have the time and help to discover exactly what they want.”

The Littleton Pioneer Landscape Center is the first of 30 Pioneer retail outlets in Colorado and Arizona to undergo a transformation that highlights outdoor-living products and landscaping materials while improving the shopping experience for homeowners and speeding the buying process for contractors.

Product highlights include: decorative rocks, artificial turf, outdoor lighting, paver systems, natural stones, mulch and soil. Homeowners will also discover a nearly 3,000-sq.-ft. outdoor Pioneer Marketplace and Inspiration Center featuring the most popular hardscape and landscape products in the area, from decorative rocks and boulders to fire pits and planters.

“Contractors know what they want and need to get in and out and get back to work,” Cohen said. “The ‘Fast Lane’ allows the contractors to get what they need in a hurry while homeowners can explore as long as they need to and not feel rushed.”

As the owner and operator of 23 quarries, two productions facilities and a fleet of nearly 200 trucks, Pioneer eliminates the middle man and provides unmatched choices, the company said.

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