Master Magnets Making Tracks in Eddy Current Separator Market

Technological advances in Eddy Current Separation over the last 10 years have significantly improved the efficiency, recovery rates and throughput capabilities of a machine that has always been one of the recycling industry’s soundest investments. In many cases, it is not uncommon for an Eddy Current Separator to pay for itself within the first six months of operation.

In an attempt to improve the practicality of the Eddy Current Separator, particularly for recycling sites that stockpile a large amount of their feed materials, Master Magnets ECS systems are now available as a mobile tracked machine.

“We wanted to bring a mobile Eddy Current Separator to market that was not only superior in manufacturing quality to anything else on the market, but could also still be cost-effective for the end user,” said Master Magnets General Manager Adrian Coleman. “Working closely with the highly reputable Steelweld Fabrications Ltd. has enabled us to produce a machine that is everything we had hoped for in terms of design, ease of use and durability.”

The MasterTrax incorporates a 1500-mm wide Master Magnets ECS with a Rare Earth Drum Magnet for the removal of fine ferrous metals. Other features include:

  • Vibratory feeder.
  • Three integrated inclined discharge conveyors with hydraulic folding.
  • 65-Kw Generator (can also be powered via mains supply).
  • On-board working lights and an air compressor for cleaning.

“As a company that specializes in the hire of large plant and equipment, we need machines that we are confident our clients can rely on,” said Rob Symons, owner of CRJ Services and user of the new MasterTrax. “Having purchased Master Magnets Eddy Current Separators in the past, we knew that we can trust in the quality of their manufacture and service, however the demand from our clients for a mobile ECS unit was increasing all the time. We worked closely with Master Magnets on the design brief for the ECS, before teaming up with Steelweld to turn our vision into a fully operational production machine. We were very keen to purchase the first MasterTrax unit and we now have two in our fleet.”

Master Magnets,

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