Cemex Receives Award for Supporting Education in Florida

Cemex was recognized by the Florida Department of Education and the Florida Education Foundation with the Commissioner’s Business Recognition Award, applauding the learning efforts the company provides for school-aged children.

Cemex was among 40 businesses and individuals recognized for their efforts to further education initiatives in Florida. The organizations selected the winners in counties across Florida, and Cemex was awarded for its work in Sumter County.

Cemex is a partner with the Sumter County School Board and helped establish the Sumter Environmental Education Center (SEEC) to provide resources for students and make education more interactive.

Each year at SEEC, Cemex holds a program for fourth- and sixth-grade students from Sumter County designed to show how people can affect their environments. Students also learn about the mining industry. 

Cemex employees work directly with students to complete a mine-permitting project, so they can learn about the operations. Back in April, Cemex hosted its annual Earth Day event at SEEC to promote sustainability. Close to 800 people, including Sumter County students, regularly attend the event. This is the second time Cemex has received  the Commissioner’s Business Recognition Award in four years. 

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