Regal Redesigns SealMaster Ball Bearing

Sealmaster MSF 27 and Timesaver detail

Regal Beloit Corp. announced it has launched the TIME SAVING Axial Groove in Bore feature to the SealMaster Large Bore Performance Gold Line Mounted Ball Bearing.

The new feature is available in both a medium 2 7/16-in. and up and standard 2 11/16-in. and up shaft sizes, and the TIME SAVING axial groove in the inner ring bore allows for easier bearing removal. This design provides clearance from the burr created by the setscrew used to lock the bearing to the shaft, which makes removal difficult and can cause damage to the shaft during removal. This feature has no impact to ball path roundness, load and speed rating, strength or bearing performance.

“Through years of customer discussions, on-site installation and removal observations, it was evident that the burr created by the setscrew had a significant impact on the time required to remove mounted bearings,” said Ian Rubin, director of marketing, bearings, at Regal Beloit Corp. “With time being a very valuable commodity in plant operation, we recognized the importance of developing a solution that reduces downtime and lost production, in turn potentially saving thousands of dollars.”

In addition to the time and related costs saved during bearing removal, the design also reduces damage to the shaft. A reduction in damage to the shaft not only then reduces the cost associated with repairing the shaft before reuse it can eliminate the cost of Regal Beloit Corp.,

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