Postle Industries Hard Surfacing Wires


Hardface Technologies (by Postle Industries) introduced two austenitic manganese hard surfacing wires. Postalloy 2865-FCO is a flux-cored open-arc wire that deposits a fully austenitic alloy with a much higher chromium content compared to typical manganese alloys. It can be used equally well for joining and buildup/surfacing of carbon, low alloy and manganese steels.

Weld deposits have an excellent combination of weld metal strength, ductility and hardness. Work-hardens rapidly under repeated impact. Deposits have very good frictional wear properties and are ideal for applications requiring metal-to-metal wear resistance. Ideal as a cushioning or buffer layer on manganese steel parts that will be repeatedly rebuilt.

The second product, Postalloy 2850-FCO, is an open-arc hard surfacing alloy for use on manganese equipment, such as crusher parts and railroad frogs. It produces a tough, impact-resistant weld deposit at 15 to 20 Rc and quickly work-hardens up to 55 Rc. It is designed for buildup, hardfacing and fabricating of manganese steel.

Postle Industries Inc.,

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