Gerke Excavating Digs Deeper

The Company’s Success Is Measurable By More Than Just A High-Quality Dredge. By Mark S. Kuhar Dredging, by definition, is the process of removing the sediment from a water body (reservoir or channel), transporting and depositing it at another location far away. For some, dredging is undertaken for a variety of reasons including mining, navigation, environmental remediation, flood control and…

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EPA Proposes $24,000 Penalty for Illegal Dredging in Idaho

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that it is proposing to settle a Clean Water Act case against Carl Grissom of West Richland, Wash., for unauthorized suction dredge mining in the South Fork Clearwater River in central Idaho in 2018. The agency is proposing that Grissom pay a $24,000 penalty. 

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Illegal Sand Dredging

June 10, 2020 – In an article on CNN Business, North Korea is accused of operating an illegal sand-processing business. Satellite images seem to confirm that ships at work near the city of Haeju are being used to dredge and transport sand. North Korea is actually barred from exporting earth and stone under United Nations sanctions passed in December 2017. Trading North Korean sand is a violation of international law. Despite those…

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