What You Know About Who You Know

KNOWING HOW TO IDENTIFY PUBLICS AND UNDERSTANDING HOW THEY GET INFORMATION IS ESSENTIAL FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.  By Thomas J. Roach Communication in business is usually directed to groups of individuals or publics who can be categorized by an infinite number of attributes. Some are self-constituted like the protesters in Ferguson, Mo., and generic indicators like age, race, or location may…

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Protect Automation Networks from Cyber Attacks

Moxa, a provider of hardened networking, communication and computing solutions, introduced a new solution to protect automation networks from cyber attacks: the EDR-810, a new Gigabit-performance secure router with built-in managed switch.

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Design for Safety

By Randy Logsdon I woke up shortly before the alarm would have jolted me from my sleep. After some reflexive stretching, I slipped out from under the covers and carefully walked around the corner to the bathroom. The hotel room was still dark, and I reached inside the bathroom doorway to feel for the light switch. One has a sense…

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