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This Phone Is a Beast

Virtually Indestructible, Customizable DuraXV Extreme Delivers Essential Performance for the Quarry and Construction Industries.

I received an interesting phone in the mail to test out and I am happy to “talk it up.”

Kyocera International Inc. launched its latest military-grade device, the DuraXV Extreme phone, available for Verizon. Built for dependable communication in rough working conditions, Kyocera’s new ultra-rugged phone provides military standard 810G and IP68 waterproof protection making it ideal for construction, government and healthcare.

Believe me when I say you could run this thing over with a haul truck and it would not phase it one bit.

It is a flip phone. Yes, a flip phone. The compact, easy-to-use phone is drop proof up to 5 ft. onto concrete, dust proof and certified non-incendive Class I, Division 2 for protection in hazardous environments. It can be washed using a mild dish cleaner and disinfected using alcohol (70% solution) or cleaning wipes.

DuraXV Extreme features a simple, ergonomic design with a large, tactile keypad, increased font size and a clear display for improved readability. Kyocera’s new device offers the most reliable communication for mission critical jobs including optimized Push to Talk Plus (PTT+) over cellular or Wi-Fi; 100dB+ front-facing loud speakers with dual-mic noise cancellation for audio clarity; cellular/Wi-Fi calling with HD Voice; plus Wireless Priority Service with eMPS and real-time text (RTT) support. 

It’s the first flip phone to feature a 1.2GHz, 64-bit Quad-core processor for quicker response when running apps. DuraXV Extreme also offers an easy access, customizable menu to set frequently used apps and multiple programmable keys on the device including SOS, PTT, speaker and call list, as well as a four-way navigation key. 

DuraXV Extreme’s powerful, removable 1770mAh Li-Ion battery helps workers stay productive on even the longest days, addressing one of wireless users’ biggest concerns. Battery care mode helps extend the battery’s life span and eco mode helps optimize battery usage.

The device also supports a mobile hotspot for up to 10 devices and Enterprise email for productivity on the road. Businesses can manage and restrict features on employee devices using either Verizon MDM or Device Control applications. DuraXV Extreme integrates precision positioning technology from Skyhook, which provides precise location accuracy, even when offline, while preserving battery life. A 5-MP, auto-focus camera with LED flash and video recorder captures key images and video; a non-camera version is available for use in sensitive work settings.

Using technology to help improve business productivity is a key tenet of Kyocera’s Total Solution offering, which includes rugged devices and service support along with applications and accessories from a large partner ecosystem.

Dedicated support lines, overnight advanced device replacement, custom provisioning, custom repair, lifecycle management, and more help our valued business customers. The company’s rugged devices offer a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than non-rugged devices by holding value for a far longer period of time than their non-rugged counterparts: they cost less in repairs and replacement, do not require expensive aftermarket cases, and – most importantly – function reliably in critical environments, ensuring that business continues without interruption.

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