Vulcan’s Stafford Quarry Hosts Rock’n PD Quarry Tour

Nearly 20 Virginia science teachers joined a Rock’n PD Quarry tour at Vulcan’s Stafford Plant on June 7. The tour was organized directly with the Region 3 School District, according to the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA).

The teachers were given a presentation that explained the construction aggregate industry, the importance of the industry, and how our products are utilized. The teachers were also presented with the summary of the recently published “Economic Contributions of Construction Aggregate and Industrial Mineral Mining in Virginia” report and viewed the accompanying video.

Teachers were then given an in-depth tour of the quarry and shown how aggregate products are produced. At the end of the tourj, teachers were able to channel their inner “rockhound” and select stone samples to take back to their classrooms for their students to observe. 

VTCA would like to thank Aron Keesecker, plant manager at the Stafford Quarry, and the whole Vulcan Team for hosting a great event.

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