Permitting Update: Wyoming

County Commissioners voted to approve a gravel pit operation at the intersection of Highway 339 and Highway 338 in Sheridan, off of Decker Road. Mullinax Sand and Gravel has a three year lease on the land, where they are permitted to develop a 15-acre mining site.

The more rural area in which the Sheridan gravel pit is similar to the area Prism Logistics has leased for its own gravel pit operation, and folks living in both Sheridan and Casper share many of the same concerns, including things like noise, pollution, and the possibility of adverse health risks. However, both companies say the areas they have strategically chosen have the resources to meet the needs of each country.

Nathan Mullinax, president of Mullinax Sand and Gravel, explains, “People don’t ever want it in their backyard. The problem is, we’re never going to have roads, water systems, septic systems, concrete foundations for our houses, if we don’t allow any of it at all… We  try to make it the most efficient and painless as we can but the fact is, you still have to go get it.

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