Terex Washing Systems Unveils New Software System

Terex Washing Systems’ STREAM software system harnesses real-time data to provide operators with actionable insights, enhancing productivity, reducing downtime and maximizing profitability. It was introduced at the recent Hillhead show in England.

Additionally, Terex Washing Systems showcased the following equipment from their extensive range of “Feeder to Filterpress” solutions: the AggreScrub Pre-screen 150, the AggreScalp, and the FM 120 Bucket Wheel.

Essential for any wet processing plant, the AggreScrub Pre-screen 150 provides efficient material separation with its advanced screening technology. Its key benefits for customers include durable wear characteristics, cost efficiency, and the ability to effectively scrub aggregates and float out clays/silts/lights (wood/plastics) on one chassis.

Second in the line-up is the AggreScalp, a versatile, heavy-duty, and high-performance screening solution that has the flexibility to operate as a two-way or three-way split screener. The highly aggressive screen can accept media including bofor bars, finger screens, woven mesh, and 3D punch plates, which allows it to be used across a wide variety of applications.

Finally, the Terex Washing Systems longstanding and reliable FM 120 Bucket Wheel offers high-capacity sand washing, ideal for demanding applications. The highly efficient dewatering unit removes silts, slimes and clays from sand to produce up to two saleable products in applications including concrete, mortar and asphalt sands, quarry dust/crushed fines, lake and beach sands, silica sand, golf course sands, filter bed sands, recycled materials and iron ore.

The Terex Washing Systems’ team is celebrating five years of in-house engineering and manufacturing of their own filter presses, which provide an efficient, well contained, process to provide clean water to be reused indefinitely within the wash plant. This process ensures that the recycled water entering back into the washing process is clean, which helps meet stringent quality standards and enhances the marketability of the washed sand and aggregates.

Terex Washing Systems, www.terex.com

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