Sandvik Offers DX910i Rig With Advanced Automation

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions offers the Ranger DX910i, the flagship model of the updated Ranger DXi rig family. The drill delivers the largest coverage area, superior hole size range, advanced automation, a versatile range of rock drills and completely new, unique and efficient rock tools.

The Ranger DXi family is known for its superior drilling coverage area of 55 sq. meters (592 sq. ft.) and other benefits like excellent mobility; comfortable cabin with straightforward, simple controls; fuel economy; and advanced automation options. Covering a broad range of applications, these rigs excel in production drilling, pre-split drilling, bolting, pipeline drilling, road construction, as well as foundation drilling in the booming wind power sector.

The Ranger DXi drill rigs and their RD900 rock drill family have enabled a next-generation optimized drilling system. An even more powerful range of rock drills and strong, innovative rock tools help realize the full development potential of the upgraded Ranger DXi rigs.

New Fully Optimized Drilling System
RD925 and RD927, the ideal rock drills for the most common hole sizes of 89 and 102 mm (3½ and 4 in.), deliver excellent productivity and drilling accuracy with the improved rock tools. The rock drill range is now completed with a new, larger RD930C model with a patented long piston structure. The long piston generates optimized, long shock waves and expands the hole size range to larger sizes that until now were only possible in soft rock – up to 140 mm (5½ in.) in much tougher and harder rock conditions.

Thanks to simultaneous optimization and trialing, the upgraded Ranger DXi drill rigs are now best positioned to harness the full potential of their powerful rock drills. The newly launched rock tool families, CT55 and CT67, offer up to 20% higher penetration rates. Their unique curved thread system gives a robust coupling to match the higher drilling power and still maintains low stress levels in critical thread sections. The results of extensive field trials are evident: up to 15% higher productivity, 30% longer tool life and 15% lower fuel consumption.

Proven Results Supported By Advanced Digital Solutions
The new Ranger DXi family’s faster drilling means higher penetration rates and more drilled meters in each shift without increasing energy consumption. The innovative power pack and compressor pressure management system reduce average fuel consumption by 23%, translating into a significant reduction both in emissions and in the total cost of ownership.

Ranger DXi family’s productivity is boosted by advanced connectivity features. It is the first surface drill compatible with My Sandvik Productivity telematics solution, securing equipment efficiency with detailed health and utilization data. Fleet performance can be monitored through easy-to-use dashboards, or by integrating with external systems through an API. Wireless transfer of drilling plans and hole data are included for precision drilling with Sandvik TIM3D navigation system. In addition, a new Open Drill Interface will allow third-party navigation or fleet management systems to work seamlessly with Ranger DXi drills.


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