CASE Offers 651G Wheel Loader

CASE offers the 172 hp 651G, the newest member of its large wheel loader family. The operating weight has been bumped up, and it brings along increased lifting capacity. 

The hinge pin height has been raised 4 in. for more clearance loading trucks and TMR mixers. A larger pump capacity provides more flow for faster loader cycle times. The new curved bucket offers better material retention. And the cab is the envy of the industry, with an 8-in. LCD touchscreen, lots of room and adjustable suspension seat. 

Each G series wheel loader features a large and spacious cab with fully adjustable workstation and multiple seat options that allow operators of all sizes to work comfortably all day long. 

The touchscreen display puts all the critical machine information and settings within easy reach. Adjustable electro-hydraulic controls independently set lift (boom) and tilt (bucket) responsiveness to smooth, moderate or aggressive for dialing in operation to each task or operator preference – such as a new operator who may want a smoother response, or a more experienced operator who adjusts the bucket to a more aggressive setting for finely topping off a truck or hopper. 

Three configurable buttons allow the operator to pre-program three functions or settings – both for general loader operation and the optional integrated payload system. Power mode features two options: Smart and Max. Max is ideal for experienced operators comfortable controlling full power, while Smart delivers high performance and an enhanced operating experience through improved communication between the engine and transmission. This also helps achieve smoother shifting, reducing tire wear and providing up to 10% fuel savings compared to Max mode.

A large single-paned front window provides optimal visibility to the bucket and to the ground, and an optional LED lighting package and rearview camera (operable in both forward and reverse) create additional operator awareness to the working area.


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