Tsurumi Pumps for Heavy Duty Applications

The VANCS Series of pumps from Tsurumi are capable of handling raw sewage from municipalities and wastewater coming from industrial applications. Equipped with a wide range of discharge capacities and heads, VANCS is an ideal option in continuous harsh wastewater conditions. The highest head reaches over 110 ft., and discharge sizes range from 1.5 to 3 in.

“Tsurumi’s VANCS is the best small horsepower effluent wastewater pump on the market,” said Slater Blanchard, Southwest regional sales manager at Tsurumi. “The well-known Tsurumi-specific efficiency features are also included throughout the VANCS pumps offering. The same features you find in our larger horsepower pumps are available in our fractional horsepower line.”

These pumps are made of molded resin, and every part that comes in contact with fluid is either stainless steel or titanium. That makes VANCS pumps fully corrosion resistant and the exact fit for challenging wastewater applications, and for difficult projects such as containing chemical spills and transferring raw water from rivers and lakes.

VANCS’ many features focus on durability. Dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces and Tsurumi’s innovative oil lifter are built-in protections that extend pump life. Available with the choice of semi-cortex, vortex, and semi-open impellers, VANCS pumps not only get the job done but do so efficiently.

VANCS pumps are also designed to simplify the transition between different pumping tasks. They come equipped with watertight cable entrances, permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings, and continuous-duty air-filled copper-wound motors. This makes it apparent as to how the VANCS can handle both wastewater applications and water movement for water features.

Tsurumi’s leading VANCS submersible pump series has proven to offer long lifecycles in water features and in a variety of other applications. Tsurumi’s engineering team knew precisely what the need was from users to ensure a versatile, high-quality pumping offering, the company stated.

Tsurumi, www.tsurumiamerica.com

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