Permitting: Kansas

According to KGFW, special use permits were approved for a sand and gravel, and portable concrete production pit and concrete storage site south of Odessa by the Buffalo County Commissioners during their meeting on Tuesday, April 23. The permits are related to ongoing I-80 construction projects between Elm Creek and Odessa. The commissioners considered a special use permit for a sand and gravel quarry and a portable concrete production pit to be located at 77 Odessa Road, south of I-80 and north of the Platte River. The permit was submitted by Kelly McCoy of Paulsen Inc., of Cozad, on behalf of Pamela Kim Triplett. There was also a special use permit submitted for a crushed concrete processing and storage site at the same address, which had been submitted by Jay Spoerer of Sporer Land Development of Oakley, Kan.

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