Intercomp Portable Platform Scales for Commercial Measurement

Intercomp, a manufacturer of portable vehicle weighing and measurement products, introduced its LTR788 Dual Platform Scale, to the global Industrial Scale market. The LTR788 is NTEP Certified for commercial vehicle weight enforcement.

Bringing new capabilities to wheel load scales, the LTR788TM Dual Platform Scale was created for direct measurement of individual tire loading in a dual-tire configuration.

Although tire failures within dual-tire setups have historically occurred more frequently on inner tires than outer tires, individual tires in a dual-wheel configuration were assumed to carry near equivalent loads because there was no scale which could directly measure individual tire weights. It is now possible to identify and correct unequal weight distribution within a dual tire configuration by setting the tire air pressures to properly load both tires.

Using this information, operators will be able to increase road safety, avoid many common equipment failures relating to uneven tire wear, and save money through fuel economy and decreased repair costs.

Proper load distribution through load balancing increases safety by reducing issues related to uneven wear, tire blow outs and accidents involving overturned trucks. Overrated tires are not only a major safety concern, but they can also cause a cascade of costly equipment failures by putting stress on the other tires.

Every mile an overrated tire goes down the road damages all other inside tires, reducing tire longevity. Fuel savings are also a major benefit of proper load distribution that equates to major cost savings through increased fuel milage.

With a platform height of just 0.86-in. (22 mm), the lightweight and low-profile design makes the LTR788 easy to move and simple for drivers to position the vehicle. The scale is battery operated and features a solar panel that minimizes the need to manually charge the batteries. These fully electronic, self-contained, low-profile wheel load scales can be used in sets of two-to-six scales, or alongside single- platform wheel load scales for commercial vehicle inspection operations.


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