Jadair Settler/Clarifier System Pondless, Closed-Loop Wash Plants

Jadair Settler/Clarifier Systems allow plant operators to have limitless clean water and eliminate the costs and headaches typically associated with settling ponds. The below image is of a typical pondless wash plant setup. The water clarification system, clarified water storage system, wash plant, and dirty water return system are all visible in the photo. 

  • The Jadair Settler/Clarifier System is in the top center of the photo.
  • The clarified water storage tank is the blue tank in the top center of the photo, just below the Jadair Settler/Clarifier System.
  • The clarified water pumping system is sitting just to the right of the clarified water storage tank. This system pumps the clarified water back to the wash plant for re-use.
  • The wash plant is in the center right of the image.
  • The dirty water collection sump and dirty water pumping system sit adjacent to the wash plant. The dirty water pumping system pumps the dirty water back to the Jadair Settler/Clarifier System where the water is clarified and then returned to the clarified water storage tank. The solids from the dirty water are brought out of the Jadair Settler/Clarifier System and collect in the solids collection area to the left of the Jadair Settler/Clarifier System. These solids are then moved as needed, when convenient. No water hits the ground and the system is easy to use. The clarified never runs out and there is no need to clean out ponds.

Jadair, www.jadair.com

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