A New Live Event for the Aggregates Industry

SEMCO Publishing – parent company of Rock Products, Concrete Products, Cement Products, and North American Mining magazines – is pleased to announce a collaboration with On The Rocks Digital (a Social Media Management and AI company specializing in construction materials) on a new live event: AggNexus. The event will take place Sept. 9-10, 2024, at the Thompson Conference Center at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas.

AggNexus is an exciting new concept for professionals working in the aggregates and construction materials industries. The focus will be on the latest advancements and applications of digital and high technology within the field, giving attendees insight and powerful new tools to increase efficiency, profitability and understanding of processes.

Attendees can expect to come away from this event with:

  • Emerging high-tech solutions for various stages of aggregates business.
  • Utilizing automation and data analytics to optimize business.
  • Integrating imaging technology for surveying and stockpile management.
  • Implementing real-time monitoring systems for equipment performance.
  • Exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) in aggregates and concrete production.
  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of adopting new technologies.

“AggNexus is the next evolution in live events for the aggregates industry,” said Peter Johnson, president of SEMCO. “We believe the combination of high technology, one-on-one interaction and digital media tools will create a winning combination for both company attendees and producer participants.”

“AggNexus is transforming our industry by connecting vendors and guests with the latest technology,” said Martial Viot, co-founder of On the Rocks Digital. “We are thrilled to offer this unparalleled opportunity for exposure and networking driving industry-wide innovation.”

Companies participating and holding customer focus sessions at the event include Checkproof, Eltirus, Stockpile Reports, Everypoint, Go Build 360, Inform Software, Plant Demand, Price Bee, and Burgex Mineralocity Aggregates, among others.

In addition, AggNexus will feature keynote speakers; a “young executives” panel discussion; and a media roundtable featuring the top international editors focusing on the aggregates industry from: Rock Products, Aggregates Business Europe, Rock to Road and Quarry Australia.

‘Embracing the power of digitalization is a commercial imperative for serious players in the aggregates space: It’s been a long time coming, but it’s with us now at every level. AggNexus is perfectly timed to help drive insights and build momentum for its participants,” said Roger J. Adshead, chairman and business development director, Route One Publishing Ltd., parent company of Aggregates Business Europe.

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