Liebherr Appoints Hobgood to Corporate Sustainability Position

Liebherr appointed Alexandra Hobgood as general manager of corporate responsibility and sustainability. This position will oversee sustainability initiatives throughout Liebherr’s U.S. locations by educating stakeholders, implementing new processes and providing additional structure to current programs.

Hobgood has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in environmental science from Christopher Newport University. With a desire to positively affect her local community Hobgood worked at the Hampton Roads Sanitation District where she completed lab work and water testing. She later transitioned to the Virginia Aquarium where Hobgood developed a taste for program management implementing safety and environmental programs for the aquarium.

As the new general manager, Alexandra Hobgood is excited to continue building a strong program with potential initiatives including redirecting waste streams, diverting organics to composting, and completing energy studies. “There are a lot of great processes already being implemented at Liebherr, so the structure for building a strong program is already in motion,” said Hobgood.

Hobgood plans to improve Liebherr’s current sustainability processes by not only implementing new programs but verifying they are being utilized and maintained throughout Liebherr’s U.S. locations. “I am excited to add in my own intent, heart and passion to help excel the program,” said Hobgood.

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