McLanahan Replaces 30-Year-Old MD Vibratory Screen

McLanahan has finalized the sale of an MD Vibratory Screen to replace one that had been dutifully operating for the past 30 years. With the help of dealer partner Mellott, the long-time customer turned to McLanahan for the replacement screen.

The North American packaged concrete and mason sand facility installed the original MD Vibratory Screen 30 years ago. In that time, the company has used the screen to separate incoming material before packaging the concrete mix.

The MD Vibratory Screen allows the facility to remove any oversized material that may be left in the product from previous stages of processing. It also allows as much fine material as possible to be removed before packaging. This ensures the final product meets the needs of the customer.

McLanahan’s product quality and customer service were the driving factor for the packaging facility to replace its existing MD Vibratory Screen with another one from McLanahan. “We appreciate the trust our customers have in us to provide the right solution based on decades of knowledge and field experience with MD Vibratory Screens. Every application is unique, and we strive to ensure that we are selecting the proper equipment to help them reach their desired result as efficiently as possible,” said Mike Wyland, project manager at McLanahan.

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